You belong at St. Paul's!

We are a faithful group of people who bring our diverse experiences, skills, needs, and deficiencies, and commit to join in a common life of love. We aspire to pray together, serve alongside our neighbors, disagree amicably, and fellowship frequently, because we believe that is the example of community that God longs for us to show the world. We share a common desire to seek and serve God in our local context, and a shared commitment to figure out what that looks like in this time and place.

We are both sinners and saints, a community both broken and redeemed, following a faith both ancient and progressive, in ways that are both traditional and innovative. We are “both/and” people -living in the tension, ministering in the ambiguity, exploring the mystery, in a way that is faithful to God and true to our modern lives. We don’t have all the answers, but we have meaningful rituals, powerful traditions, and the space and willingness to walk together as we ask questions and seek God’s purpose for us.

Regardless of your background, identity, or vocation, there is a place for you at St. Paul’s, and we invite you to join us, fully participate, and contribute all of who you are to the communal life and mission that God is calling us to as a people of faith.


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