You belong at St. Paul's!

St. Paul’s offers serval ways to get involved in our Music Ministries. As our church says — “All are Welcome” — all are truly welcome to join in song in the different groups and ensembles under the direction of John-Westley Hodges, Director of Music Ministries. Throughout the year there are also other chances to participate in special music events: Choral Evensong, Concerts and Recitals, and Beer & Hymns.

The Adult Choir practices every Wednesday at 6:30pm and Sunday at 9:30am. The group’s primary focus is to provide support for the Great Choir (the congregation) for our 10:30am service as well as other special services.  There is no audition to be in this group, just simply contact John-Westley or show up for a rehearsal!

The Handbell Choir practices every Wednesday at 5:30pm and plays in our 10:30am services about once a quarter.  This group is open to anyone no matter your knowledge of music.  All levels of musicians welcomed even if you think you are not a musician!

The Peoria Children’s Choir is a new group for our parish.  The goal of this group is to offer music education to any child ages 6-12 in Peoria or surrounding areas. The PCC rehearse every Monday at 5:30pm and perform two concerts a year.

Kindermusic is a group that focuses on teaching younger children — ages 3-5 — how to be in a choir, learn music notation, and learn rhythms. Once a child turns six, they then move to the Peoria Children’s Choir. Space is limited for this group; please contact John-Westley Hodges for more information on registration.