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Sermons from March 2016

The Great Vigil of Easter

The Rev. Jonathan R Thomas March 27, 2016 (Easter Vigil)   Telling the Eternal Story                                     The liturgy of the word begins tonight with the call: “Let us hear the record of God’s saving deeds in history, how God saved the people in ages past.”  There is nothing new about this salvation story told and […]

Good Friday

What happened on this day? We gather today under a huge cross.  We mark a cross on our bodies. We wear crosses. We decorate with crosses. At the core of our life together is the shape of an ancient execution device, one specifically used to humiliate and isolate its victim from any decent member of […]

Maundy Thursday

       Rev. Jonathan R Thomas  March 24, 2016 (Maundy Thursday)                                      John 13:1-17; 31b-35   The Full Extent of Love               Maundy Thursday is the day on which we commemorate the institution of the Eucharist, by re-enacting Jesus’ last supper with his disciples.  That is why it is called Maundy Thursday; it comes […]