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God – The central tenet of our faith is that there are three eternal persons held together in perfect unity as one God. The mystery of that infinite community is what we wade into each Sunday, hope to participate in, and seek to emulate in our earthly communities.

Incarnation – This eternal God came to earth to invite us into that community. By becoming a flesh and blood human being, Jesus made it clear that God is always with us, for us, and in us. The incarnation – becoming flesh – made it so that we can all be a part of that infinite loving embrace.

Resurrection – The resurrection is the greatest story we have to tell. It acknowledges all the pain and suffering, death, destruction, and failings inherent in this life, and then promises us that is never the last chapter of the story. There is hope for forgiveness, healing, wholeness, meaning, and abundant new life.

Sacraments –There are lots of ways and places where one might experience and encounter God in life. But the sacraments are reliable ways of accessing God in our physical world. In Baptism and the Eucharist God has promised to meet with us, and we trust the promise of that presence – every time.

Communion – The central sacrament in our church is Holy Communion, or the Eucharist. It is nothing short of participation in very life of God. It makes disparate one, fills the empty, and heals all wounds. It is tangible grace. Our very identity as faith community is held together by this act every Sunday.

Liturgy – Liturgy is the rhythm of prayers and praise that marks our worship and forms our lives so we can live as God intended. It means “the work of the people” because we all contribute to the service. It also means “work on behalf of the people” because it is how we start to bring God’s kingdom among us.

The Ministers – In our Church we are taught that the ministers are all of us who participate in the liturgy. We have different gifts and roles but together we seek to restore all people to unity with God and each other. God’s ultimate sign of faith in humanity was to empower us to help re-create the world with God.

The World – The world is in the process of being reconciled and redeemed, as the kingdom of God that Christ came to proclaim. It is a beautiful ruin and our work is to rekindle the light, rebuild the structure, and reflect the beauty of God’s holiness. Let’s get to work.


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